Scope of the Conference

The conference will include plenary and technical sessions
covering a group of topics on material science as well as the
life sciences.

Material Science:

  1. Functional Nanomaterials
  2. Graphene and Nanotubes
  3. Thin Films Coatings and Interfaces
  4. Piezoelectric, Pyroelectric and Ferroelectric Materials
  5. Electronic and Magnetic Nanomaterials
  6. Polymers, Glasses and Composites
  7. Materials for Energy Applications
  8. Earth and Planetary Materials
  9. Environmental Protection
  10. Physical Metallurgy and/Metals and Alloys
  11. Advances in Spectroscopy in SEM, TEM &STEM
  12. Advances in Ion Microscopy
  13. Electron Microscopy of Eradiated Materials
  14. Scanning Probe Microscopy
  15. Advances in Atom Probe Tomography
  16. Electron Diffraction And Crystallography
  17. Advances in SEM and FIB
  18. Advanced Materials
  19. In Situ Electron Microscopy
  20. HREM and Novel Techniques
  21. Sample Preparation techniques
  22. Electron Beam Scatter Diffraction Technique
  23. X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  24. Raman Spectroscopy
  25. Atomic Force Microscopy
  26. Advances in XRD technique

Life Sciences:

  1. Ultrastructure, Immuno Electron Microscopy and
  2. Macromolecules and General Life Sciences
  3. Bio-Nanotechnology
  4. Cryo Electron Microscopy
  5. Visualizing host pathogen interactions
  6. SEM in Life Sciences
  7. Fluorescence Imaging, Flow Cytometry and In Vivo
  8. Emerging Techniques and Instrumentation
  9. SPM and correlation Microscopy
  10. Decontamination of Soil
  11. Cytotoxic Studies
  12. Applications in Pharmaceuticals
  13. Implant Materials
  14. Biomedical and Healthcare Applications
  15. SEM/TEM of Plant Cells, Viruses & Pathogens
  16. Microanalysis of Biomaterials
  17. Forensic Science Applications